Thank you for purchasing Floating UI! 💚

What do you need help with?

- Get help using Floating UI -

Have a look into the user guide

Floating UI comes with an extensive user guide that can quickly provide answers to many questions. Within, there is also a Troubleshooting section with many possible issues and solutions.

If the user guide does not answer your questions, you can get in contact with me. Please be patient and make sure your question concerns Floating UI. I cannot offer general help with UI Toolkit.

- Found a bug / issue -

I am sorry if the bug / issue is blocking you in any way! I will have a look into it. Please send me everything I need to reproduce it. Thank you! Submit bug / issue

- Request a new feature -

I am very thankful for your ideas to improve Floating UI. If enough people wish for a certain feature I will consider adding it. Submit feature request

- Feeling unhappy with Floating UI -

I am sorry to hear that. Let's talk! It would be very valuable for me to hear what exactly caused this and gives me a chance to make changes.

- Refund -

Please note that I cannot offer refunds myself on the Unity Asset Store. The Unity Asset Store Team handles all refunds. Request refund

- Everything else -

Write me