Privacy Policy

While using this website some personal data is collected and used. Personal data is data that could be used to identify you. However, we aim to limit the collection of such data to a minimum. On this page you can find detailled information about:

  • What data is collected and used?
  • Why we collect and use it?
  • How you can request access to your data and delete it?

- What data is collected? -

When accessing this website some data will be saved by our webserver automatically:

  • Which site was visited
  • A timestamp of the access
  • The referrer of this request, often this is a search engine
  • The browser that was used
  • The operating system
  • Your IP address

This data will be automatically deleted after a certain time.

- Cookies -

This website does not set cookies.

- Why is this data collected and how is it used? -

The collected data will only be used when we suspect that there is a misuse of this website. Apart from that the data is not used in any other way.

- How can I request to see or delete my data? -

Your data will be deleted automatically after a certain time on our server. However, if you want to access your data or delete it, please contact us.